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Frequently Asked Questions
If you do not find the answer to your question on this page, you can call or email your question to our Tech Support Department.

Information for unsupported products is available here:

FAQ for older/unsupported products
Transverter Pro 4.0 (Windows / MacOSX)
Q: Why does the new version of Transverter Pro for OSX (build 80 and higher) not accept my serial number from the previous builds?
A: Transverter Pro 4.0 build 80 and higher uses a new activation method. This method requires a new type of serial number. Licenses sold since the release of the new version will come with a valid serial number to activate the new version. Users with old serial numbers (WWWW-XXXX-YYYY-ZZZZ) in the 16 digit format, will need to contact technical support to receive a compatible serial number in order to activate their Transverter Pro Software.
Q: I installed Transverter Pro 4.0 on Windows as one user, and whenever I run it as another user it is asking me to enter the serial number again. Is there a Fix or Workaround for this?
A: Yes, In order to fix this issue, the user or group of users who will use the software will need permission to the following registry entries:


Please use regit.exe to locate and modify the permissions on these entries to permit other users to use the software without entering a serial number each time.
Q: I want to activate Transverter Pro on a computer that does not have Internet access. Will this be possible with the new activation method that it uses? If it is possible, how do I do it?
A: Yes, Transverter Pro can be activated on a computer that does not have Internet connectivity. However, you will need access to a seperate computer that is connected to the Internet, and the use of a web browser in order to complete the task. Please refer to the "Transverter Pro 4.0 WINDOWS Manual Activation Guide" below for step by step instructions on how to complete your product activation using this method on your Windows PC.

Transverter Pro 4.0 WINDOWS Manual Activation Guide

OSX users may find the windows Manual activation guide helpful, as the process is basically the same, since it uses a web browser to complete the activation process.
Transverter Pro (Windows)
Q: Does T-Pro 3.2.5 work in Windows XP?
A: Yes, Transverter Pro 3.2.5 does work in Windows XP. You must have the Transverter Pro 3.2.5 installer. If you have Transverter Pro 3.2, then contact the support department.
Q: Will Transverter Pro 3.2 work with Windows 2000 and XP operating systems?
A: You will have to upgrade to Transverter Pro 3.2.5 in order to run it on Windows 2000 or XP. You will have to upgrade to 3.2.5 on earlier versions of Windows (NT4.0, 98.95) before copying or moving it to the newer operating system. If you have a completely new system with Windows 2000 or XP installed, then you must contact the support department to obtain a new installer. You can get the update from our Downloads page.
Q: I receive an installation error when attempting to install Transverter Pro 3.2 onto my Windows NT4.0 machine? What do I do.
A: The installer is having trouble locating the files necessary to install T-Pro 3.2. Please contact our Support Department and they will send you a new installer for 3.2.5.
Q: If I create a PostScript file (.prn) using a HP Laserjet printer driver and try to open it in Transverter Pro 3.0.1, I receive an error "@PJL." Why?
A: The HP Laserjet driver places Page tray comments in the beginning of the file. This way a Hewlett-Packard printer will know what size paper and which tray to use when printing the document. Version 3.0-3.01 of Transverter Pro does not understand this command, so it displays this error and flushes the rest of the job. Upgrade to Transverter Pro 3.2.5
Transverter Pro (Macintosh)
Q: Do you have a carbon version of Transverter Pro for MacOSX?
A: Yes, we now have a MacOSX compatible version. Go to the downloads page to obtain an evaluation version.
Q: Does T-Pro 4.0 run in Mac OS 9?
A: No, T-Pro 4.0 only runs under Mac OSX.
Q: Does Transverter Pro 3.2.5 work in the Classic mode of MacOSX?
A: Yes, however, you must disable the Extensions for QuickTime in the Classic OS before running T-Pro 3.2.5.
Q: When attempting to start Transverter Pro 3.2.5 on a G3 with MacOS 8.1, I receive an Error Type 2 or Transverter Pro quits.
A: Transverter Pro 3.2.5 does not work properly with G3 Macs and MacOS8.1. It is necessary for you to upgrade your system software to MacOS 8.5.1 or higher.
Q: Why do I get a memory error when I try to open and view a file on screen at a higher dpi or color depth? (MacOS 9)
A: Transverter Pro uses the allocated application memory to preview (Softproof) opened PostScript, EPS or PDF files. When you increase the dpi resolution in the preview window, it will require more memory to display the file. It is necessary to increase the memory allocated to Transverter Pro.
Q: The Status Window reports a font error @ define font; Key: (fontname example: Helvetica, Times etc...), but I have the font (fontname) installed either in my Fonts folder or T-Pro's Other Fonts folder?
A: Transverter Pro reads the fonts differently than other applications. It is possible the font (fontname) might be slightly corrupt. Reinstall the font from the original source (System CD) and try again.
Transverter Pro (General Questions)
Q: I do not have an internet connection on the computer that is running T-Pro, so how can I activate the software?
A: You will need to use one of the offline activation methods. These are now automatically activated when no internet connection can be found. You will be walked step by step and instructed on how to proceed in order to activate.

If you have an older version of Transverter Pro 4.0 that generates and activation requests file (Transverter_Pro_4.0.ilr), then you should download the newest version of Transverter Pro 4.0. All new versions of Transverter Pro 4.0 use new serial numbers. Contact Technical Support with your old registration information if you need to request an updated serial number.
Q: When I try to export an opened file, the Export menu is grayed out.
A: This is caused by opening a Non-DSC PostScript file. Non-DSC (Document Structuring Conventions) is a set of instructions that Adobe wrote to maintain consistent PostScript language between drivers and platforms. T-Pro is a DSC compliant interpreter. T-Pro does not understand where the end of the pages are (due to this problem).

To convert a non-dsc Postscript file, Add the file to the Batch Convert section. Then batch convert the file. T-Pro will ignore the non-dsc comments and convert the file.
Q: Can you change the halftone settings of a PostScript file with Transverter Pro or Transverter Pro Plus?
A: Yes, you will find the instructions in the Transverter Pro folder.
Q: How many files can Transverter Pro's batch conversion handle at one time?
A: The number of files that T-Pro can convert at one time is limited only by the memory requirement of storing the names of all of the files that are to be converted and the amount of disk space that you have available for output files. Typically, several hundred files can be safely converted at once.
Q: How does Transverter Pro handle large formats?
A: T-Pro does not place any limits on the bounding boxes (as specified in inches, points, or centimeters) of images to be converted or rasterized.
Q: Does Transverter Pro do PostScript error checking? In other words, is it a good tool to preview files with questionable PostScript before sending them to another PostScript RIP?
A: Yes, many people use T-Pro to do exactly that. T-Pro has an error log that records all error messages, as well as notifications of fonts being loaded off of your computer's hard drive. You can quickly check for problems before you waste time and money rasterizing a corrupt file, by simply opening the PostScript file in T-Pro's Viewer. T-Pro will output the same error messages as any standard PostScript-compatible interpreter.
Q: What is the maximum resolution to which Transverter Pro and Transverter Pro Plus can rasterize?
A: 10,000 dpi for Transverter Pro 4.0, 720 dpi for Transverter Pro 3.2.5 & 4096 dpi for Transverter Pro Plus.
Q: What are the differences between the six different antialiasing options?
A: The difference between Box and Pyramidal antialiasing is rather subjective; you will probably need to experiment to determine which you prefer. Low, Medium, and High antialiasing refer to the amount of "blurring" that the antialiasing filters do and correspond to antialiasing super-sampling factors of two, three, and four, respectively. For example, if you were to specify a rasterization resolution of 600 DPI and a super-sampling factor of Low, T-Pro would actually rasterize your PostScript or PDF image at 1200 DPI, and then average pixels together to create the final 600 DPI image. For another example, T-Pro's intermediate resolution would be 2400 DPI for a final resolution of 600 DPI and super-sampling factor High. Due to the higher intermediate resolution, High antialiasing does result in slower rasterization, but requires no more memory because T-Pro performs banding of rasters that are too large too fit in memory at on time.
Transverter Pro Plus (Windows)
Q: Does Transverter Pro Plus 3.2.5 work with Windows XP?
A: Yes. However, you must download the dongle driver installer by clicking here. The installer within the T-Pro Plus installer does not locate the proper locations correctly.
Transverter Pro Plus (Macintosh)
Q: Why is T-Pro Plus 3.2.5 still available?
A: Some Macintosh users have not made the move from Mac OS9 (Classic) to Mac OSX. We are offering T-Pro Plus for that reason.
UPDATE: Transverter Pro (Plus) 3.2.5 Is no longer avaialable.
Q: Can you set more than one input (Hot) folder for conversion?
A: No, T-Pro Plus 3.2.5 only allows you to use one Hot folder set at a time. To obtain multiple Hot folders, upgrade to Transverter Pro 4.0.
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