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Technical Support
TechPool Software has a qualified Technical Support staff ready to help you with your problems when using TechPool products. Please make sure the problem you are having is with a TechPool product and not with your system or other application software.

Free Technical Support is provided for 90 days from the date of purchase of your product.
Obtaining Technical Support
If you require Technical Support we can be reached via any of the following method(s):


When contacting us always provide the following information: your name, company name, address, daytime telephone number, fax number (if available), email address, the type of system you are using, the application and version number, and a short, but precise description of the problem including errors reported by your TechPool product.

Available Online Resources
Please check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) area of our site to see if the question/issue you would like resolved has already been addressed.

Frequently Asked Questions
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