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Unsupported Products FAQ Section
Questions and answers on these pages are preserved to help those who are still using older TechPool products that are no longer being supported. We make them available here for refrence purposes, and hope that they might aid those experiencing issues with older TechPool Products.
Transverter PI (Macintosh)
Q: Does Transverter PI work with Quark 5?
A: No, it does not. This issue was being looked into, but development of Transverter PI has been terminated and consequently no further fixes or version will be released.
Q: After I select all my setting, and start the RIP process from Quark, the little icon in the Apple menu flashes for a long time and nothing happens?
A: It could be that the RipCore engine has unexpectedly quit in the background. This may be due to virus protection software (SAM, Norton Anti-Virus). Since the RIPCore engine runs in the background, virus software may kill the process. Disable the virus software and try again. Also, Rebuild the desktop.
Q: When trying to Transvert a page out of Quark, I receive an error -43. What does this mean?
A: An error -43 is a File not found error. This occurs because the Transverter XT plug-in cannot locate the RipCore engine (which resides in the TechPool folder in your System folder). Rebuild the desktop and try again.
Transverter RIP (Windows)
Q: When selecting a watched directory to monitor in Transverter RIP, I receive an error that reads: Please enter a valid directory name.? Why?
A: The directory you are selecting has "Read Only" permissions. Leave Transverter RIP and go to the directory and open the Properties by selecting the directory and selecting Properties from the File menu. The directory Properties window will appear. Near the bottom of the window is the Attributes section. Uncheck the Read-Only box and attempt to select the directory again from within Transverter RIP.
Transverter RIP (Macintosh)
Q: I am unable to print from my Blue and White G3 or G4. Why?
A: The Blue and White G3 and G4 machines have Ultra-Wide SCSI cards. The internal SCSI of Pictrography 3000/4000 and PSD400 can not handle the data flow at that speed. It is necessary to install a Standard SCSI card (Adaptec 2910). Check with Adaptec for their models.
Q: When I try to spool (print to file using the PictroWriter driver) a document from PageMaker 6.0 or 6.5, I receive an error that reads: An error occurred while printing. Could not open the printer. Check that printer connection is correctly set up in the Chooser.
A: PageMaker is attempting to talk to the printer which is not on the network (the PG3000 is a SCSI printer) and is unable to locate it. It is necessary for you to bypass this feature. Hold down the Option key while selecting Print from the file menu.
PS EditLink (Macintosh)
Q: Does PS EditLink work with FreeHand 10 on Classic or OSX versions?
A: No, it does not. This issue was being looked into, but development of PS Editlink has been terminated and consequently no further fixes or version will be released.
Q: Does PS EditLink work with FreeHand 8 and 9?
A: Yes. It works fine.
Q: After I import my PS or EPS file into FreeHand7, nothing appears on the page. Why?
A: Macromedia changed the way the page redraws in FreeHand7. After the file is imported, FreeHand does not redraw the page, so nothing appears on the page. Force the page to redraw by closing the file and save it, then reopen it. Using Windowshade (System 7.5.5 or higher), double click on the title bar to collapse the window, the then double click again to open. This will force a redraw.
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